#TEL #CreatingAndSharing

In this Course on Digital Badges you will find more detailed guidelines on how to use Badges within your own Moodle courses.

Keywords: Moodle, Badge, Mozilla Backpack

#TEL #CreatingAndSharing

In this Moodle Gamification you will find an overview of some of the techniques you can use in your Moodle courses to introduce elements of gamification.

Keywords: Moodle, Gamification

#TEL This first course in the Moodle Training Pathway will introduce you to Moodle from an editing perspective. The Lessons you work through are direct replacements of our face-to-face training sessions.

This course covers the basics, such as uploading resources and creating links, through to some course structure and design approaches. It also goes through the different settings available regarding access and restrictions and starts to look at some of the Moodle activities you can use in your own courses.

#TEL #CreatingAndSharing #OrganisationCommunicationAndCollaboration

This second course in the 'Moodle Training Pathway' focuses on the following tools:

  • Quizzes
  • Lessons
  • Activity Completion
  • Conditional Criteria
  • Groups & Groupings
  • Collaboration activities
  • Further Moodle blocks
Keywords: Quiz, Lesson, Activity Completion, Conditional, Groups, Blocks

#TEL #CreatingAndSharing #OrganisationCommunicationAndCollaboration

This third course in the 'Moodle Training Pathway' covers more advanced ways of using Moodle including:

  • Course navigation and layout
  • HTML and RSS Feed Blocks
  • Reporting
  • Moodle Database
  • The Workshop activity
Keywords: Navigation. HTML, RSS, Reports, Database, Workshop