At Essex, we have always pushed boundaries for the benefit of individuals and communities. All of us play a vital part in contributing to our bold mission and vision. Develop at Essex is our platform to support you to realise your full potential and make a meaningful impact.

This training is for University of Essex staff whose roles involve monitoring and supporting student engagement i.e.

  • Department staff involved in regular review of student engagement data from LEAP
  • Personal Tutors
  • Academic staff who may be approached by students with questions around their academic performance
  • Professional Services Staff with student-facing roles

Following this course, you will have an understanding of:

  • What data and information are displayed in LEAP
  • How that data and information is used to support students
  • The ethical use of student engagement data
  • The principles of the Student Engagement Policy
  • The basic navigation of LEAP

Moodle site to support the all staff consultation for the proposed Academic Framework.

Essential Training for Managers.

A safe place for students and staff to discuss, debate and share experiences.

In this course you will find helpful information and tips to improve your remote working experience. There is guidance for both individuals and managers.