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This Course on IP and Copyright aims to provide you with information about Intellectual Property (IP) and Copyright relating to resources you find for use in teaching and assessment.

Keywords: IP, Copyright, CLA, Intellectual Property, Creative Commons

#TEL #CreatingAndSharing

In this Course on Digital Badges you will find more detailed guidelines on how to use Badges within your own Moodle courses.

Keywords: Moodle, Badge, Mozilla Backpack

#TEL #CreatingAndSharing

In this Moodle Gamification you will find an overview of some of the techniques you can use in your Moodle courses to introduce elements of gamification.

Keywords: Moodle, Gamification

#TEL #OrganisationCommunicationAndCollaboration

This Social Media 1: Basic course introduces you to the world of social networking, how to get started and some good practice tips on profiles and privacy as well as University guidelines.

Keywords: Social Media, Social Networking, Profile, Privacy, Twitter, Facebook, Yammer, LinkedIn, Google+, 

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