This module introduces students to core concepts in musculoskeletal physiotherapy. It focuses on developing the knowledge, skills, beliefs and values of professional physiotherapists in clinical practice.
This module builds on modules in the first year of study such as core physiotherapy skills and anatomy and pathophysiology while introducing some new practical skills such as the concept of neuro-dynamics and neural testing.
In Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy, knowledge gained in the above modules will be applied to the subjective assessment, objective assessment planning and execution and subsequent treatment planning based on pain science, pathophysiology and healing times.
A key focus in this module will be on carrying out comprehensive assessments of paper patients with common neuro-musculo-skeletal presenting patterns and from this using knowledge and clinical reasoning skills to set prioritised goals and plan realistic and effective interventions based on the current evidence base and using a bio-psycho-social approach to care.
Delivery will combine case study work, group work including research into common conditions of the upper quadrant and individual research and presentations of common pathologies affecting this area of the body.
Practical core skills will be developed from what was learned from core physiotherapy skills to encompass hands on approaches such as soft tissue and joint mobilisation. In addition selection of exercise and electrotherapy interventions plus postural and ergonomic considerations will be explored through individual case studies.