This module examines the application of analytics within applied sport environments, to facilitate data-informed decision-making within the coaching process and beyond (e.g. performance analysis, talent development and identification, sports medicine).

Students will be introduced to a range of statistical modelling and machine learning techniques which are prevalent in applied sport environments. Furthermore, students will gain experience analysing real datasets from different sports.

Students will gain a knowledge and understanding of effective data visualisation for different sport performance data, and apply key concepts and principles to produce engaging data visualisation. In addition, students will develop their knowledge, understanding and mastery of industry standard software for sports analytics.

Students will be tasked with identifying and applying appropriate analytical techniques, and interpreting the results to generate actionable insights for coaches and other decision makers within applied sport environments. In addition, students will enhance their knowledge and understanding of sport science and coaching processes, through exploring the opportunities and challenges for the integration of sports analytics within various aspects of applied practice.