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Campus Cat had his say, have you?

Entry link: Campus Cat had his say, have you?


Get appy

Pocket Essex App Advert

Use the Pocket Essex app for all your study and social info.


Entry link: Get appy


LEAP into your Learner Engagement Activity Portal

LEAP logo

You can access LEAP using your Essex login (no @essex.ac.uk) and your usual password here or via MyEssex and PocketEssex. Look out for the LEAP icon!

LEAP will show you what you have been up to recently at University (Moodle, university computers, Faser and Listen Again usage as well as your attendance).

Your tutors and other staff in your department will also see this information and may use it to:

  • suggest ways you could achieve better outcomes
  • check that all is well and offer information, advice and guidance
  • help you in areas of your studies that you are finding a challenge

For more information about LEAP visit our website and Moodle page.

Entry link: LEAP into your Learner Engagement Activity Portal

Library open 24/7

Library now open 24/7

Study when it suits you, the library's now open 24/7.


Entry link: Library open 24/7


Rising Stars

Rising Stars advert

Rising Stars boosts talent, social capital, and work readiness.


Entry link: Rising Stars


Software hub

Software hub

Stream from *anywhere* with the new software hub at software.essex.ac.uk.


Entry link: Software hub