15-Minute Manual: The Big Three

This short manual covers "The Big Four" learning technologies used at the University and serves as a quick guide for new students who are not yet familiar with MoodleListen again, FASER and Talis Aspire.

4. Listen Again

Listen Again (Powered by Panopto)

Listen Again is the University's lecture capture system. It records the audio and video of many of the timetabled teaching sessions that take place every day during term time.

Listen Again recordings help students:

  • Improve their understanding;
  • Consolidate their knowledge;
  • Revise for exams.

The Listen Again service is only available in teaching rooms or lecture theatres where the recording equipment is installed. Information, usually in the form of a poster, will be displayed in these rooms to signal that the service is in operation.

Listen Again is our lecture capture and playback service. It records the audio in a teaching space as well as the video output of the teaching computer, and lets students listen back to their lecture recordings at a later date.

The service is available in nearly all centrally timetabled teaching rooms and lecture theatres, or wherever you see the Listen Again logo.

Recordings are stored for two years, after which they are deleted. Staff can set a recording preference, which determines which audiences can access the recordings.

If you're a student, you can use Listen Again to go over something you didn’t understand, revise for exams, overcome language barriers, or catch up on that lecture you accidentally slept through!