15-Minute Manual: The Big Three

This short manual covers "The Big Four" learning technologies used at the University and serves as a quick guide for new students who are not yet familiar with MoodleListen again, FASER and Talis Aspire.


FASER (Feedback Assessment Submission Electronic Repository)

FASER is the University's bespoke coursework submission, assessment and feedback platform. The system allows students to upload digital copies of their work to the web. Departments can then use FASER to mark the submitted files and provide electronic feedback to each submitting student.

Like Moodle, FASER can be accessed via any computer with a connection to the Internet. This means that you can access the site from home, wherever in the world that may be, from one of the open access labs on campus, or even while sipping an espresso in a coffee shop in Milan!

Using FASER, students can check coursework deadlines, upload work and see feedback returned to them by their department. Staff can use FASER to check submissions for plagiarism, mark work online and provide rich feedback to students.

For more help and support using FASER, go to the FASER Help Centre.