COVID-19 Behaviours Booklet

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Book: COVID-19 Behaviours Booklet
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Date: Tuesday, 15 June 2021, 10:06 AM


A small booklet full of useful guidance to help keep everyone safe on our campuses. We will be updating this resource on a regular basis. We also recommend you visit the COVID-19 pages on our website for University-wide updates.

This resource has been created by Organisational Development (People and Culture). Email if you have any queries relating to it.

Overview presentation

This interactive presentation will give you an overview of the guidance. The slide deck includes an audio track, so switch on your speakers or use your headphones if you want to listen to the text being spoken out loud (the presentation does work without sound as well). 

You can watch the slide presentation like a video by hitting the play button (it looks like this: ▶️). Alternatively, you can click through the slides at your own pace.

Having trouble viewing the presentation? Watch in full-screen mode or view all slides on a single page

You can also run this slide deck in presentation mode if you want to present the information to a group of people. Note: Once the slide deck loads, click the "Present" button in the top right-hand corner of the page to fill the entire screen as you move through the slides.

In this section, you will find useful guidance on how to modify your behaviour in various University environments. This includes shared accommodation, lectures halls and seminar rooms and in outdoor public spaces.

Note: Not all of the guidance is ready, but we'll add it here as soon as it is.

Keeping safe on campus is a priority for all students and staff. Watching the video on this page will help you keep yourself safe in our shared accommodation and surrounding outdoor spaces.

Credit: Special thanks to Ibraheem Toure, one of our dedicated East 15 Acting School students, who provided the voice over for this video.

Key message infographics

Here are some downloadable infographics that we encourage you to share via email, social media and on Moodle pages. Click on the images to enlarge them in a new tab/window, or download copies of them using the buttons below each image.

Wash your hands infographic

Download handwashing infographic

Face coverings infographic

Download face coverings infographic