This module will provide the student with a broad introduction to some contemporary health and lifestyle issues. As a sports and exercise scientist it is essential to appreciate the importance the roles that exercise and lifestyle play in determining the "health of the nation" but more importantly about an individual's wellbeing in all dimensions. Furthermore, how the knowledge base and critical thinking skills gained during a sport and exercise science degree can be applied to help a range of different people to help enhance positive behaviours and reduce negative. The evidence behind lifestyle guidelines will be discussed as well as the science behind current health news headlines. Students will be encouraged throughout to enhance their critical thinking skills and to understand different levels of evidence. There is no exam associated with this module. Classes will include debates, open tutorials and some standard lectures.

Learning Outcomes (including lectures and practicals)
To pass this module students should be able to:

1) discuss the key relationships between optimal health and negative lifestyle behaviours;

2) describe the obesity epidemic in the UK with respect to adults and children and discuss strategies addressing the issue;

3) describe the benefits of regular physical activity for different sectors of the population and the role of exercise in lifestyle management;

4) describe health problems associated with negative lifestyle behaviours and behavioural change treatment tools;

5) demonstrate an understanding of the psychological dynamics underpinning healthy lifestyle behaviour;

6) demonstrate an understanding of the interface between exercise and mental health;

7) demonstrate key skills in the retrieval, synthesis, analysis and interpretation of information from current literature in the field;

8) demonstrate competence in data presentation, statistical analysis and interpretation.

Please note that students require basic knowledge of statistical analysis using SPSS software for this module ---