(Updated 03.05.18)

This module builds on an earlier module, Essex Cultural Outreach, in which students had a chance to learn about outreach activities and gain some first-hand experience by running a family day and sessions in Schools. The current module allows students to expand on this first-hand experience, this time in form of a short placement with a partner organisation (such as a museum). Typically, the placement will be in the outreach team/department of this partner organisation.

The placement will take place in the context of two other activities: (a) interview and application training; and (b) reflective activities about the placement.

A number of partner organisations will be approached and offer placements, to which students can apply. Students can also find their own placements, but need the module supervisor's approval of any placement prior to taking it up.


* To provide you with the opportunity to build on the high-quality training received in Year 1 to apply your learning in a work-related context.
* To enable you to develop essential work-based and transferable skills throughout the placement (notably team work, leadership, resilience, experience of working with outside organisations.
* To provide you a wider insight into cultural and creative industries
* To offer you with the opportunity to analyse and reflect on your practical work.

Learning Outcomes:

As a result of this module students should be able to:

* Gain further insight and understanding into cultural and creative industries and built up more practical outreach experience;
* Demonstrate communication and analytical skills through producing reflective documents and presentations;
* Reflect on own experience to inform career decision making and to enhance personal effectiveness for employability and study;
* Successfully work on a placement to deliver a set objective and communicate effectively with an audience.


This is a non-standard module. It mainly consists in a placement. In addition, it includes:

* Application and interview training (half-day).
* A group presentation.
* Reflection on the placement.