(Updated 03.05.18)

This module gives students a unique opportunity to get directly involved in delivering an arts project to school groups.

Students will work with the Arts Education team, learning the principles of an effective project, delivering sessions to school children, and learning how to adapt to sessions and projects according to different needs. By helping school children develop, students will in turn learn about and reflect upon their own strengths, skills, and capabilities. They will also develop their team-working skills and enhance their understanding of the cultural sector, including its wide array of career opportunities.

This module is designed to assist students in developing employability capabilities so they are better equipped to secure opportunities in the graduate job market. In so doing, the module complements other modules that include study skills, personal development planning (PDP), professionalism and work-related learning.

The aims of the module are:

To provide high quality training in arts education and creative sector career development learning, including key transferable employability skills such as team work, leadership, resilience, experience of working with outside organisations and local schools and providing a wider insight into cultural and creative industries.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of this module, student should be able to:

1. Build up practical outreach experience through visits and project work with schools.
2. Understand the principles of an effective project, including how to use an appropriate design methodology and meet client needs.
3. Gain insight into different facets of the cultural industries.
4. Demonstrate written communication and analytical skills through the writing of the reflective journal.
5. Reflect on his or her own experience during an Arts Outreach project, which should both inform future career decision-making and enhance the student’s effectiveness for employability and study.
6. Successfully work within a group to deliver a set objective and communicate effectively with an audience.
7. Successfully work in a group to present your experiences to an audience including cultural leaders.