This module aims to provide students with the understanding of how they can use sport and exercise science in the coaching process. Students will learn different approaches to planning training over a season, as well as how to vary and monitor training volume, as well as the indicators of and consequences of overtraining. Students will also learn the issues associated with the early identification of talented individuals and their long-term athletic development.. Alongside learning how to plan the development of the athletic performance of athletes, students will also learn the importance of committing to a lifelong process of coach education and development.

Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this module, the student will be able to:
1. Describe the different approaches commonly used to vary training volume and intensity in a yearly training plan
2. Explain the consequences for the athlete of overtraining
3. Discuss the issues associated with the identification and long-term development of talented athletes
4. Describe how a coaching philosophy can be impacted by thought, behaviour and environment.
5. Explain how coach education is an ongoing process of personal development

Key Skills
This module provides training in the following key skills:
1. Communication skills
2. Problem solving
3. Creativity & innovative thinking
4. Organisational skills
5. Information finding and critical analysis