A crucial aspect of fiction filmmaking is working with actors. This 15 credit module is an introduction to directing actors in film, learning how to build trust and creatively collaborate with them as well as learning about different approaches to directing based on the examples of famous film directors.

Over the ten weeks students explore creatively and critically the whole process from script analysis to casting, rehearsals and finally film production. The module is ideal for second year Film, Film and Creative Writing and Drama students.

The module will combine theoretical perspectives with practice-based sessions, allowing students to explore directing in a 'hands on' environment. Lectures will focus on different directing approaches, from working with method acting and improvisation to working with non-actors. In order to understand what an actor requires from a director, students will fulfil the roles of both actor and director during the module, reversing roles with their fellow students.

. Provide a supporting learning environment for understanding the process of directing actors for film from auditions to film shoot
. Introduce students to important tips and exercises that will help them communicate successfully their ideas while supporting the actors and building an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect
. Focus on different directing approaches, with case studies of specific film directors
. Help the students understand the actors' perspective by taking part in acting exercises themselves
. Enhance analytical and self-expression skills through practical exercises, research and writing

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the course, students should have:
1. Thorough understanding of the process behind directing actors and the important steps from casting to film shoot
2. Critical perspectives on the different approaches to directing
3. Practical skills necessary to build trust, clear communication and a collaborative atmosphere
4. Knowledge of script analysis and textual interpretation and how to support and guide the actors to give the best performance they can.