The web is becoming a defining platform for publications, reading, listening and watching communities, as well as a place for showcasing creative work. This module is an introduction to the creative use of social and multi-media for artistic endeavour, web profiling and critical understanding. It will have a multi-disciplinary approach and is suitable to combine with all of the Literature, Film, and Theatre Studies Department's undergraduate degree courses.

Students will explore creatively and critically the potential of current social and multi-media apps and web platforms, as well actively engage with potential future medias. The module is ideal for poets, writers, filmmakers, theatre makers, and indeed everyone who aims to use web media creatively.

The module will combine theoretical perspectives with practice-based sessions, allowing students to explore web technology in a 'hands on' environment. Seminars will include transmedia storytelling, online cultures, building 'digital estates', web installations, the legalities of web publishing and digital futures.

A central part of the module will be a web project; this individual assignment will be focused in the students' chosen discipline and will explore the potential of the online world for a defined creative output.

Aims and learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course, students should have:

1. a thorough understanding of the evolving web media landscape
2. critical perspectives on the context and cultural positioning of web-based media
3. acquired introductory practical skills necessary to exploit the web potential of their chosen discipline
4. an understanding of the legal constraints of web-based media, including online consent and copyright law
5. knowledge of social media frameworks as a marketing tool in a public forum