Module Description:
An Introduction to Coaching provides students with an introduction to the underpinning principles of high quality sports coaching. Students will learn how coaches manage behaviour, instruct sport-specific skills and administer physical training effectively. Students will be introduced to topics of concern in coaching such as: developing a coaching philosophy and style, communication skills, session planning, delivery and evaluation, ethics in coaching, and safeguarding.

This module aims to introduce students to the basis, theory and practice of coaching. Students will learn how to develop their own coaching philosophy and style, and how to plan, deliver and evaluate their coaching practice. They will learn how coaching combines knowledge from the fields of psychology, sociology and education to improve performance of athletes and teams.

Learning Outcomes (including lectures and practicals)
To pass this module, students will need to be able to:

1) Explain the importance of developing a coaching philosophy and style
2) Describe the range of coaching objectives and outcomes
3) Demonstrate the process and principles of planning, delivering and assessing coaching sessions
4) Discuss ethics and equity in coaching and the importance of safeguarding
5) Critically reflect upon the coaching experiences at University and/or workplace
6) Develop a range of communications and presentation skills to aid the coaching process
7) Demonstrate the ability to work and coach collaboratively