Understanding performance in sport requires knowledge of the basic scientific principles of chemistry, biology and physics, alongside a foundation of maths. This module will examine scientific principles in sufficient depth to provide a conceptual framework upon which to build a deeper understanding of the discipline of Sports and Exercise Science.

In completing this module, students will develop their understanding of the human body at both cellular and gross level, consider how it can be influenced by exercise training and how these changes can be assessed.

This module will apply these scientific principles to real sporting examples including training and fitness testing.

Learning Outcomes
To pass this module students will need to be able to:
1. Describe the basic scientific principles of chemistry, cell biology and physics that relate to Sports and Exercise Science;
2. Demonstrate competency in using scientific equipment and present & analyse data from simple experiments;
3. Outline the different energy systems in relation to sports performance;
4. Describe the principles of exercise training;
5. Demonstrate competency in basic field tests of strength and fitness.