This module consists of 50hrs of placement experience. You will attend a placement for a 5hr day a week over 10 weeks.

The module provides you with the opportunity to apply your learning to work-based practice at your work placement. Here, as an auxiliary member of the caring agency, abiding by the policy framework within which they operate, you will have the opportunity to experience the role of a professional carer within your chosen sector. The agency will define your duties, and their expectation of your working day. Your placement supervisor will make arrangements for your work, and will review various aspects of your overall work experience.

You will attend 4 two hr seminars composed of reflective groups and discussion seminars where all aspects of the experience can be raised and reflected upon. You will also keep a learning journal throughout the year but especially using this to record significant aspects of your work placement experience. This can be used to help you write the assignments for this module and your end of year reflective report (see PA128).

At the end of the 10 weeks your placement supervisor will write a brief report - between 300 and 500 words - summarising your progress and contribution to the organisation. This is for feedback purposes only, but again this may aid you in writing your end of year reflective report.

Learning outcomes: By the end of the module students will have:

1. Gained knowledge and experience about their chosen care sector
2. Had the opportunity to apply their learning within a work setting
3. Gained an experience of direct work with clients, the issues and dilemmas raised by this alongside the enriching aspects of therapeutic work. Direct work will be supervised by staff in placement
4. Reflected upon the placement experience both in seminar and through their learning journal
5. Applied a psychodynamic framework to their workplace experience
6. Formed a working relationship with their placement supervisor