Aims: This course is an introduction to group work and working with groups from a psychodynamic perspective and aims to provide students with the basic understanding, techniques and skills needed to engage professionally in therapeutic orientated groups in the workplace. In the first six seminars students will build upon their knowledge of groups, explore the historical background and development of group work and go on to consider specific issues such as dealing with troubling behaviour, gangs and groups, issues of interpretation, insight and corrective emotional experience, as well as consider staff support groups. In the final four weeks students will gain experience of group participation and engage in a series of workshops designed around group activities and exercises. They will learn experientially about the dilemmas of participation in groups while also developing a set of resources for the future.

Learning outcomes. By the end of the module students will have

1. Gained knowledge about the origins and development of group work
2. Gained knowledge about the aims and benefits of working in groups
3. Gained a basic theoretical understanding of psychodynamic processes in groups
4. Become aware of unconscious processes in groups
5. Gained further experience of participating in a group and learned about specific activities and exercises equipping them to lead or support group work in the future