SK037 Speaking Skills and Strategies Part 2: Pronunciation & Communication Strategies
Speaking Skills and Strategies is a two-module programme of study, suitable for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The modules form part of the University Skills Centre Academic English Support provision. No degree credits are associated with these classes (but see Other Information below).
The Speaking Skills and Strategies Part 2 module is available in spring term only. Students wishing to enrol on a Speaking Skills course in the Autumn Term should take SK035 Speaking Skills and Strategies Part 1: Academic Speaking and Listening.
Pronunciation & Communication Strategies
These 2 hour classes provide intensive pronunciation practice in the first hour, followed by more informal conversation practice in the second hour. This part of the module will provide you communication with strategies, skills and language for a range of everyday situations.
Class work on pronunciation will include
* Intonation: in statements, questions, question tags, fixed expressions
* Word stress: word families, affixes, compound nouns
* Sentence Stress and how it changes
* Individual sounds: difficult phonemes, silent letters, homophones
* Features of connected speech: weak forms, intrusion, linking, elision, assimilation
* Formal speaking: chunking, stepups and stepdowns
Class work on communication strategies will include
* Social English: practice with common topics of conversation
* Colloquial English: what it is and when to use it
* Tact and taboo: language for difficult situations
* Social etiquette: gambits and relationships
* Current affairs: conversing about what is in the news
The module is designed to complement SK035 Speaking Skills and Strategies Part 1: Academic Speaking and Listening