Speaking Skills and Strategies is a two-module programme of study, suitable for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The modules form part of the University Talent Development Centre Academic English Support provision. No degree credits are associated with these classes (but see Other Information below).
For more information on Academic English support classes, including how to enrol, visit the TDC Helpdesk in the Silberrad Student Centre or email tdc@essex.ac.uk

The Speaking Skills and Strategies Part 1 module is available in autumn and spring terms. The classes give guided practice in general seminar discussion skills and more formal oral presentation skills.
Class work on seminar discussion skills will include effective preparation strategies and practice of functional language for discussion, such as clarifying; interrupting; agreeing; polite disagreement.
Class work on oral presentations will include planning a talk; structuring an argument; effective use of voice and body language.

The module is designed to complement SK037 Speaking Skills and Strategies Part 2: Pronunciation and Communication Strategies.