The course provides an introduction to the basic skills required for fiction filmmaking: from pre-production to post-production. Students are introduced to the ways in which framing, mise en scène, sound, editing, and other technical processes are instrumental in fiction filmmaking. Classes cover such topics such as: how shots are framed, how lighting affects the mood of a scene or how different editing techniques manipulate film narrative. Students on this course are encouraged to translate key concepts they learn on LT121 ‘Introduction to Film Studies’ into film practice. Students will work individually as well as in small groups under the guidance of their lecturer. 

Aims, objectives, and outcomes

On successful completion of the course, students should have:

  • gained an understanding of the pre-production and production process, as well as post- production techniques
  • acquired an understanding of film form and visual style 
  • developed individual skills of communication, presentation, and analysis 
  • developed skills in working effectively individually and as a team
  • acquired basic skills in handling technical equipment for film production