This is a compulsory Term Two module for the MA/Postgraduate Diploma in Acting. Students undertake intensive in-depth research which may involve both primary and secondary sources. Such research is absorbed at intellectual, psychological, emotional and sensory levels leading to a performance project in which research, technical skills and acting skills are fully integrated and engaged.

The module provides an opportunity for intense research of context towards performance. Practical and theoretical research will be bought to bear to enrich the ensemble performance and the tools learnt in the course so far in all streams of learning (eg movement, voice, contextual studies etc) will integrate into performance.

The Researched Performance Project integrates research and improvisation tools, into performance in a studio or site-specific setting. The project may be a performance of a play text, a devised project based on other fictional texts with a strong historical element, or a devised project based on texts, documentation and research of a given period/place in history.

Parallel technical classes demand a deeper understanding of the subject as well as more effective application in rehearsal and performance process. The focus is on using the tools of research and improvisation to deliver credible, plausible effective performance as an ensemble, which communicates to an audience.

Students contribute to design, stage-management, costume, stage-lighting, sound marketing, press and publicity. This enables them to have a understanding of the production process. Group responsibilities for the set-up and strike of each production, together with clearly defined areas of responsibility in stage-management further enable the students to work as an ensemble. It is the greater force of the ensemble that can increase the sense of ownership and raise performance level. The aim is to give students the opportunity to experience something of this in their own performance projects as well as begin to equip them for the realities of small scale working practice in the industry at present.