Module Outline
This compulsory module for the BA Acting course is aimed at providing students with the necessary skills and preparation to launch their professional careers. Students will receive specific training in audition and interview technique, in marketing skills such as web design, CVs and letters of introduction and legal and financial issues affecting professional actors. Opportunities will be provided for workshops, meetings and lectures by and with industry professionals such as agents and casting directors, as well as with working actors and directors. Throughout the module students will be given practical assignments on which they will receive feedback from guest lecturers and industry professionals.

Module Aim
To provide students with the necessary professional preparation and skills to launch their acting careers.

Module Content
The Working Actor, practical workshops with a range of industry professionals including
A Casting Director
An Agent or Actors Co op Agency
A Working Actor
A Working Director
A Web Designer
A Drama Workshops leader
Related alternative work, eg role play, corporate.
Students will receive direct feedback on practical and written assignments from guest lecturers who are actively working in the industry and are thus able to pass on their up to the minute knowledge of the real world of the working actor.

The Working Environment, meetings with specialist consultants on topics including
Equity , the Actors Union
The Independent Theatre Council (ITC)
Establishing your own company
Legal and tax adviser
Independent financial adviser
Self marketing and promotion specialist
Headshot photography

Learning Outcomes
Students will be able to demonstrate the skills necessary to produce
a good CV
effective letters of introduction to theatre agents and directors
professional audition speeches
a good technique for television and film interviews, including sight reading skills
a professional portfolio including one 10 x 8 headshot