This is a compulsory final year course for students on the BA Acting/BA Hons Acting programme. The module concentrates on contemporary theatre. Students are encouraged to reflect on their course experiences and training and to prepare themselves for further professional and cultural challenges after graduation. You will use the research and writing skills you have learned in years one and two to consider new ideas in greater depth and to develop the ability to express arguments through a process supported by relevant research and source materials. This process will culminate in the third term when you will present your Personal Development Journal.

Students will be encouraged to widen their reading to research and discuss new ideas. You will be guided towards theatre issues and practices in which you have a personal interest and encouraged to pursue them in depth. The module explores contemporary theatre theories and practices as well as post-modern performance and performance art. You will use research to develop your understanding of contemporary theatre and will be given opportunities to present your ideas in a coherent manner, using documentary evidence to support your views and standard academic conventions of presentation, for example referencing, quotations and bibliography.