By the final year of the BA Acting/BA Hons Acting course students are considered to be performers and actors. The work of skills classes in Terms One and Two of the final year in this compulsory module focuses on students' professional development. Classes will involve the preparation of your shows, audition pieces, preparation for the final Showcase performance and weekly classes to deal with any on-going problems and issues arising. Students continue to develop and practice warm-ups and preparation for rehearsal and performance. The final year work allows you to establish patterns and pathways for creative well-being to follow throughout your working life.

You will learn how to make sensible use of the voice coach through the support you receive for your roles in production work. You will be given opportunities to practice changing vocal quality for the purpose of dramatic characterisation. You will work on a variety of accents and vocal requirements for different performance spaces and for your audition pieces. You will lead vocal warm-up workshops and exercises prior to performances. The module content is deliberately flexible to allow for individual students' progress and needs.

Classes will focus on movement for the performing actor, building on students' previously acquired absorption and internalisation of the principles and practice of the actor's movement work. The format of physical warm-up becomes integral to students' performance preparation. In the final year you will extend and further develop movement techniques in the challenge of character transformation and be encouraged to explore your artistic creativity in an independent environment. Independent choices are encouraged to prepare students to meet a range of theatrical challenges and styles in rehearsal and performance with confidence and ease. You will acquire an experienced understanding of your body as expressive instrument and will be able to use that understanding in your work as an actor. The module encourages students to integrate their personal movement work into rehearsal and performance. You will apply learnt movement vocabulary to production challenges and learn to work with clear intention in performance. You will work on maintaining stamina in specific movement tasks and over longer periods of work.

Music & Singing
With guidance from your tutors you will continue to source suitable material for the accumulation of appropriate repertoire. You will use your expanded sense of vocal identity to apply self-regulated and purpose-designed warm-ups. You will be given opportunities throughout the module to perform songs and/or to sing in shows and performances. The module contains opportunities for you to attend master classes to prepare you for professional auditions. Classes are based on students' participation in musical productions and the application of technique in performance. You will be given opportunities to perform songs in front of an audience of East 15 Acting School staff and students as well as performing in acting projects and performances. Individual tuition will focus on ensuring that students are confident in the material offered at professional audition and have confidence in their own vocal, emotional and stylistic parameters. Particular emphasis at this level is placed on the dramatic context of material and students will receive individual tutorials to support this.