Students will expand their ability interact musically and dramatically in small ensemble pieces usually sourced from musicals and popular styles. In the second term you will progress to the interpretation of more complex and demanding material and performance situations, including public performance and in the third term you will work on expanding your singing range and vocal agility. By the end of the module you will have a substantial knowledge of vocal technique and will have acquired an automatically present technique both to support the singing and safeguard the voice. You will have at your disposal a repertoire of songs of different tempi and styles that fall within your acting and singing range in preparation for your work in final year. Students are encouraged to continue to develop personal warm-up exercise routines.

Module Content
Term One
1. Tessitura
2. Dynamic range
3. Vocal agility
4. Improving audience communication
5. Sustaining character through accent, sound, musicality and lyrics
6. Interactions within the medium of song

Term Two
7. Introduction to 'direct-contact' songs
8. Breaking down the 'fourth wall'
9. Brecht songs
10. British Music Hall
11. Conveying clearly delineated character in song
12. Maintaining technique whilst performing sung material

Term Three
13. Brecht songs in context and in performance
14. Sourcing suitable vocal material
15. Understanding personal voice characteristics
16. Performance of songs from different historical periods
17. Safeguarding the singing voice
18. Portraying emotion through singing
19. Performance of songs in different theatrical contexts.