The content of the second year will allow you to build and deepen the methodology of movement techniques studied in Year One. The study of "self" in Year One enables Year Two students to be more expansive in their physical choices. The module encourages students to be more specific and refined whilst developing an increased physical awareness and expressive potential.

You will learn to expand your range of physical choices in various theatrical styles. The content of the course focuses on the self within the ensemble and for the transformation of character. You will gain an understanding of the ways in which inner psychological and emotional impulses can be outwardly concealed or revealed. Study of character movement and transformative techniques continues alongside the study of the body's structure and the interactive relationship of mind, body and space.

The module is designed to develop appropriate levels of physical, emotional and imaginative fitness in students. Alignment work is re-emphasised and applied to both acting challenges and movement improvisations. By the end of the module students will have committed the practice of a personal warm-up to body memory and identified a working technique for physical characterisation. Laban method is used practically and verbally throughout Year Two.

Module Content
Deeper understanding and knowledge of the expressive qualities of the body
Movement vocabulary in relation to character choices
Physical expression of inner psychological and emotional states
Individual and ensemble work with risk-taking and self-reliance
Identification of blocks and challenges of physical weakness in the body
Personal body warm-ups to address individual physical challenges
Integration of movement vocabulary with set theatrical styles
Demonstration of dynamically aligned, spontaneously free body in a safe and flexible environment.

The course content is studied throughout the year and applied to a range of theatrical and movement styles e.g. acrobatics, commedia dell'arte, music hall. You will consolidate your knowledge and understanding of the course content into the presentation and performance of projects. The main focus of the module is on the students' ability to communicate physically in performance.