This second year module is compulsory for students on the BA Hons Acting programme. Students will gain experience of a range of acting techniques and styles through a number of structured projects spread over three terms. Typically you will work on each project in intensive rehearsal periods of 3-4 weeks culminating in a practical project or performance. You will be given opportunities to experience the demands of working in close proximity to the audience as well as to understand the differences in technical scale required to fill a larger space.

Emphasis is placed on establishing a firm base for the 'company' or ensemble over the course of the year. Students are encouraged to contribute to the work of the ensemble beyond the limits of their own performance. You will gain an understanding of the different roles and responsibilities involved in creating performance.

Term One: Joint Acting/Voice Project
From the ease and conversational dialogue of the American project, you move to the more formal and stylised 19th & early 20th century British plays, involving complex ideas and structure. You will work on short scenes, initially with a director, exploring the context of period, location, character and action. You will then work with voice tutors recording the scenes in the Radio Studio, to aid awareness of the sound you make, and increase fluency, range, and expressive connection in R.P.

Term Two: Music Hall
The Music Hall project is the BA Hons Acting students' first public performance. In addition to songs students will work on melodrama and dramatic monologues.

Term Three: Brecht Cabaret
Radio Project
Commedia dell'Arte
The Brecht Cabaret is a week long project, taking the songs worked on in singing classes, and combining them with a selection of Brecht's poems and small extracts of text to create an ensemble presentation. You will be required to use your initiative, and to contribute fully to the group work.

The Radio Project introduces the basics of radio and microphone technique, leading students to understand the specific demands of the medium, and helping them relate acting and vocal skills to these demands.

You will work with specialist Commedia dell'Arte tutors experienced in creating original scenarios from historical mask characters eg Panteloni, Harlequino, Dottore.