This second year module takes place in Term Two. Students will extend the work of EA211 to develop their performance technique and heighten awareness of the importance of relationships between characters. Texts chosen for this module will be based on the repertoire of Classic Naturalism and will include the work of Chekhov, Gorky, Gogal and other great dramatic studies of human behaviour such as Ibsen or Strindberg. An important theme of the module is the conflict of old ideologies with the emerging new world.

Module Content
In this module you will deepen your absorption in the world of the character, examining the minutiae of human behaviour, which leads towards specificity and transformation. Working on longer scenes or full length plays you will experience the importance of charting the 'through line of action' for your characters, and on communicating increasingly complex emotional life through integration of technique. You will begin to demonstrate development of subtlety in your character creation through working on naturalistic texts, in which so much of a play's content is unspoken or left unsaid. Relationships will be explored in detail to further develop your insight and analytical skills, and to enlarge the possibilities on which you can draw, outside your own experience. Technical terminology is introduced, as is the beginning of awareness of communication with an audience.