After the Improvised Living History Project, in this module students now explore recreating these deeply felt experiences and intense relationships within the confines of a script. Modern classics, exploring a depth of human psychology, for example the plays of Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller, Jean Paul Sartre, Arthur Schnitzler, David Mamet among others, will be the material through which you will consolidate your understanding of another person's existence and how to recreate it convincingly. Scenes are chosen that will test and develop your ability to find the means in your methodology to 'live in the moment' and to react spontaneously within the course of action pre-determined by the author, just as in an improvised piece in which you knew neither the outcome of an action or what reaction would be provoked. Through practice-based learning and research you will develop the courage to take risks in your character creations, and expression of emotional life.
1. Introduction to sustaining connection & relationships in the communication of complex ideas through structured text.
2. Introduction to making use of both director and skills to aid performance.