Module description
The aims of this module are to introduce students to how ICT systems can be managed, and how business applications can be integrated. The taught theory will be complimented by 'guest' lecturers from industry who will set the theory into a real life context.
Learning Outcomes
* Show how ICT systems can support an organisation.
* Discuss lifecycle and software process issues in the context of particular information systems.
* Compare and contrast different methods and techniques used to assure the quality of systems.
* Create visual representations of business processes.

Outline Syllabus
* Information Systems and Information Workflow
* Business Information Systems
* Acquiring and developing Business Information Systems
* Project management, estimation and control
* Business Information Systems design and analysis strategies
* Change management
* System security
* Cloud Computing and Virtualisation
Guest lectures on topics such as management of information systems, technical provision of complex services and business workflows.