Module Description

The aim of this module is to provide students with an understanding of the principles and techniques involved in the design and implementation of user-oriented interfaces, (in particular, web pages) including good practice in presenting and displaying information.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this module, students will be expected to be able to:
1. Explain how people perceive and interpret information
2. Understand the basics of human-computer interaction (HCI) design
3. Implement a human-computer interface using good HCI practices
4. Describe a number of information visualisation techniques and explain their advantages and disadvantages
5. Be aware of various HCI guidelines and standards

Outline Syllabus

* Fundamentals of interaction design and models of human-computer interaction
* Human perception and information processing
* Models of human-computer interaction
* Usability
* HCI in web design
* Interaction design basics
* Evaluation techniques
* Accessibility
* Fundamentals of information visualisation