Module Description
This module introduces the four layers of the TCP/IP internetworking module which includes applications, transport protocols, internetworking protocols and network access. Laboratory sessions will give extensive experience working with each of these layers and configuring network devices. The module will use the Cisco CCNA exploration Network Fundamentals course which is the first of four Cisco courses that can be used to obtain a Cisco CCNA qualification.

Learning Outcomes
After completing this module, students will be expected to be able to:

1. Configure network devices with appropriate settings
2. Design IP sub-networks
3. Propose, and describe, suitable protocols for use with networked applications.
4. Explain the principles of Ethernet and IP networking

Outline Syllabus
  • Client/server communication and intermediary network devices
  • The OSI and TCP/IP networking models
  • Application layer functionality and protocols
  • OSI transport layer
  • OSI network layer
  • IPv4 addressing
  • OSI data link layer
  • OSI physical layer
  • Ethernet
  • Planning and cabling networks
  • Configuring and testing a network