The first part of this first year acting module provides students with the challenge of researching real life events through a dramatic format and through recreating short scenes. With their Director students may work on a piece of already scripted 'verbatim' theatre or my develop their own piece using materials such as transcripts, newspaper articles, testimonials, interviews which are edited, arranged or recontextualised to form a dramatic presentation, in which actors take on the characters of the real individual whose words are being used.

In the second part of the module students will work in groups to study scenes from a contemporary play, learning how to divide a scene into units of action, how to discover objectives for a character and use the text to discover information – about the play, its themes and characters. You will workshop scenes in your groups, practising your learning from the early part of the course. By the end of this block of work you will be able to find a character's through line and recreate work achieved during the rehearsal process.