This module aims to equip students with the skills required to undertake, evaluate and communicate professional psychological research. The subject-specific aims are to achieve an appreciation of the ethical issues in relation to psychological research, and to develop the discipline-specific skills of presenting to, writing and publishing for an academic psychological audience. The module also aims to foster the generic skills of planning, organizing and presenting research in the behavioural and social sciences.
The module is designed to ensure that, at the end of the module, students know how to:
(1) Undertake a review of the existing literature on a chosen or specified topic.
(2) Take adequate account of ethical issues in the design and conduct of their research.
(3) Produce a research proposal/protocol for a research study that incorporates ethical guidelines.
(4) Prepare a manuscript according to APA guidelines for publication.
(5) Critically appraise the work or others according to standard academic conventions.
(6) Prepare and deliver conference abstracts, poster presentations and oral presentations