The module is co-ordinated by Dr Nick Cooper, to whom queries should be addressed.

The aim of the module is to provide an appreciation of the physiological mechanisms that underlie human behaviour. The brain is an extremely complex organ, and many areas of interest to psychologists are as yet, beyond the reductionist approach adopted here. However, it is hoped that the module will at least establish the possibility that even our deepest thoughts and feelings arise from a combination of electrical and chemical interactions.

The lectures will be taught by Dr Nick Cooper, Dr Steffan Kennett, Dr Vincenzo Romei, Dr Gethin Hughes, Dr Marcello Costantini & Dr Elia Vanentini. PS411 will be supported by additional tutorial classes, which will introduce the use of Powerpoint Presentations.

PS411 is assessed by an oral PowerPoint presentation (10%), and a timed essay (15%) and a final end-of-year essay-based summer examination (75%).

Socrate and International students:
These students have different assessments and must check with the department what the requirements are.