The aim of this module is to provide an opportunity for all Mathematics students (single & joint honours) to develop the skills and knowledge required to succeed both during and after their time at University. Students will develop their transferable skills and experiences to create a personal portfolio that can be used to reflect and plan their ongoing personal development throughout their University life. Students will work closely with their personal advisors within the department to develop their individual portfolio. The portfolio consists of four key elements: personal and career planning, key skills development, work and voluntary experience, and understanding of the world of work.

Learning Outcomes:
To pass this module students will be expected to:

- Understand the key differences between school/college and University, and how to make a success of the University and their chosen course.
- Determine and reflect upon their individual future objectives, and how their experience at University is helping to achieve these objectives.
- Plan, manage and record their ongoing personal development and reflect upon individual progress.
- Understand and reflect on how others achieved their career goals.

- Critically evaluate their existing key transferable skills and experiences, identify gaps in their skills-set or experience and plan how to improve these skills.
- Actively undertake activities to develop skills that are identified as needing development.
- Record their ongoing skills development and reflect upon progress and achievements.

- Understand and reflect on the role that volunteering can play in enhancing employability and developing transferable skills.
- Identify and reflect upon existing work experience and demonstrate an understanding of how this enhances employability.

World of work
- Prepare a CV.
- Demonstrate an awareness and understanding of the careers options available to Mathematics students and what is required to succeed in these careers.
- Demonstrate awareness of the stages involved in a job application, including assessment centres and interviews.
- Understand and utilise the resources available within the University to help with career planning.