This module includes an overview of some of the uses of music in Western and non-Western performance forms; workshops in music-making and use of the singing voice as part of performance in two or three selected forms; and a staff-led group practical performance assessment in a chosen musical form. The emphasis is on the development and deployment of student's own musical skills, rather than on collaboration with musicians.

Module Outline

1. Western Musical performance
May include an examination of Opera, Music Hall, Choral Performance, the Broadway Musical, etc. Study is through both lectures and workshop sessions.

2. Asian Musical performance
May include study of, for example, Gamelan, Kabuki, Noh, Kathakali, Chinese Opera, etc. Study is through both lectures and workshop sessions.

3. African or South American Musical Performance
May include the study of, for example, African drumming, Samba, Calypso, etc. Study is through both lectures and workshop sessions.

4. Performance Project
A group practical project, led by a tutor, which allows students to develop, select, and apply musical elements in a specific performance form.

Module Aims
To introduce a range of performance forms which integrate music into the theatre
To offer an introduction to the differences and similarities between cultures in musical technique (for example, differences in tuning and scales, harmony, and use of rhythm)
To allow students to explore, experiment with and develop their own capacity for making and using music (whether vocal or instrumental) in a range of World Performance forms
To allow students, working collaboratively under the guidance of a tutor, to create a piece of music-based performance

Learning Outcomes
Students will be able to demonstrate:
Knowledge and understanding of a range of performance forms which incorporate music
Ability accurately to identify the musical style and instruments associated with particular forms of performance
Ability to research into at least one World Performance form with a significant musical element, and to present that research clearly and concisely either orally or in writing
Ability to learn basic musical scores and to use them creatively in performance