This module includes training and preparation in Voice, Singing, and Movement. Students are introduced to the safe and healthy development and use of the voice and body in performance; to the creative and interpretative applications of different techniques and capacities of the voice and body; and to vocabularies relevant to vocal and movement work.

The Skills module offers students the opportunity to encounter and master basic performance skills which will underpin their work as performers and creators of work in the rest of the degree. Together with the Study Skills module, it is a foundation, preparing students for the final two years of the course.

Module Outline

(Note that these units are taught in parallel, not in sequence, throughout the module)

1. Warm-up and preparation techniques
This unit teaches and practises a range of sound techniques for preparing the body and voice for performance or class work.

2. Anatomy and Physiology for the performer
Offers an overview of the basic science underlying movement and vocal production.

3. Vocal skills
The development of the student's vocal capability, with attention to fitness, breathing, and clarity; and a study of the ways in which the speaking voice may be used creatively in performance.

4. Singing
The development of the student's singing voice, allied to Vocal skills (3, above). Exploration of individual singing range and introduction to ensemble and harmony skills and basic music theory. Development of individual singing warm-ups.

5. Movement
Development of the student's fitness, balance, and body-awareness, and a study of the creative use of movement in performance.

Module Aims
To enable the student to understand and maximise his or her own vocal and physical potential
To develop a repertoire of warm-up and preparation techniques, and an understanding of how to select and apply them
To gain an understanding of safe working methods and strategies for avoiding and managing injury and recovery
To introduce a range of approaches to the creative use of the voice and movement in performance

Learning Outcomes
Students will be able to demonstrate:
Knowledge and understanding of safe and healthy practice for preparing and using the voice in performance
Knowledge and understanding of safe and healthy practice in movement work
Knowledge of, and the ability to apply, a range of vocal methods in performance
Knowledge of, and the ability to apply, a range of movement approaches in performance