The module aims to provide an examination of the major principles which underlie international trade transactions particularly as they relate to the international sale contract and to the contracts of carriage, marine insurance and commercial arbitration. The module will examine English law as applied to international trade since a large number of international transactions continue to be subject to English law. The module will also examine relevant international instruments which reflect efforts towards establishing an autonomous law of international trade.
At the end of the course students would be expected:
- to have a systematic understanding of the key legal principles underlying international sale of goods and carriage of goods by sea transactions and of international commercial dispute resolution;
- to be able to understand accurately and critically important legislation and other legal instruments applicable in the context of international trade transactions;
- to be able to accurately and critically analyse important judicial and arbitral decisions and to apply judicial and arbitral decisions in various and divergent factual situations arising out of international trade transactions;
- to be able to develop and deploy arguments, critically analyse arguments and legal propositions in the context of international trade law and to develop or apply these arguments in various settings whether e.g. scholarly, in litigation, or in the context of provision of legal advice.