Companies are by far the most used vehicle for doing business and an understanding of the rules that govern them is essential for anyone aiming at a career in commerce and industry. The module will examine the nature of a company, its constitution and institutional setting, corporate management issues, its incorporation and share capital, the concept of separate legal personality, the roles of the stakeholders in a company as well as the duties of directors and the protection of shareholders. A sound understanding will help students to fully understand the relevant principles and doctrines. The analysis of corporate governance issues will enable students to understand the significance of the relevant debates while the analysis of the relevant legislative framework on insolvency and takeovers along with the relevant case studies on lifting the corporate veil and corporate scandals will provide a thorough examination of the field in question.

Aims and Objectives
The objectives of the module are:
* To provide students with the necessary foundations of knowledge so that the Learning Outcomes listed below are achieved
* To provide students with the necessary foundations to comprehend the wide range of issues covered in the course of this module as well as the range of other modules in the relevant field.
* To encourage the development of students skills in legal reasoning and analysis through study of statutes, case law and regulatory practice relating to Company Law
* To encourage students to engage with Company Law beyond the confines of the module, both academically and in its broader social, political and economic context.