This 30 credit module, which is taught across the academic year, introduces students to the substantive criminal law of England and Wales. This will involve a study of the law governing criminal liability.
By the end of the module students at level 4 should be able to demonstrate the following:

Knowledge and understanding of the legal elements of criminal liability and the major criminal offences and defences
An understanding of the criminal law in its wider social, political, and philosophical context
An ability to read, understand, and analyse judicial decisions
An ability to break down a criminal law statute to its component parts and to interpret the statute
An ability to analyse and answer factual problems raising issues of criminal liability, and, in particular, to be able to do the following:
Identify the legal issue(s) arising
Identify and explain the relevant law
Engage in legal reasoning and problem-solving by applying the law, using relevant statutes and case-law, to the factual scenario
Appreciate the importance of facts and how they can affect legal analysis
An ability to evaluate the criminal law and to present a coherent oral and written argument on that basis