This is a spring term project for which a student should undertake about 75 hours work.

The principal aim of the project is to enable a student to gain experience of some branch of mathematics, statistics, operational research or the interface of these disciplines with other fields, that the student would not meet in any lecture course. Subsidiary aims are that the student should gain experience of solo work involving research concerning some previously unknown topic, the production of a project report and an oral examination.

Upon completing a project a student should

1. have a good idea of the basic methods for obtaining information on a topic, including the efficient use of the library or a corresponding information source.

2. understand how to set about the preparation of a project report, including the correct methods for referencing source material

3. have experienced the difficulties of explaining the contents of a project report in an oral interview.

Students submitting a project must give an oral presentation on the project, which will count for 10% of the mark awarded, and also attend an interview on it. General guidance on how to give an oral presentation will be provided, and students are advised to discuss the detailed content of their oral presentation with their supervisors. These presentations and interviews will take place in week 32 and students must be available for presentations and interviews in that week.