Just what is contemporary writing and how is it characterized? While genres of what might be thought of as 'traditional' literature still endure, new genres of writing always emerge, altering not only what can be conceived of as 'literary', but also the manner in which texts are read.

This half-module module focuses on contemporary writing in English, defined as writing published within the last ten years. It offers students a snapshot of contemporary themes, forms, issues, and language, broadening their sense of 'the literary' and sharpening their engagement with what matters to writers now.

On account of its definition and need to remain contemporary, the module has a syllabus which will change over time. It will, however, always consist of nine texts, each from a distinct category. These categories will typically be fiction, poetry, theatre, film or television script, creative non-fiction, translation, essay, multimedia text and song, though this may change from year to year.