In practice, financial management requires a set of tools and techniques, and this module examines some typical financial management techniques useful in practice. While fundamental principles of corporate financial decision making are covered in the 2nd-year module BE311 Corporate Finance, our objective is to supply a practical toolbox that supports the corporate financial decision making process. The focus is on the technical aspects of financial management techniques.

Module Aims
The aims of the module are to provide an understanding of the workings of modern financial management techniques and the skills to employ the techniques in support of corporate decision making processes. The module is designed for students who seek exemption from ACCA's Financial Management module, and has similar content as that module.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the module will enable you to understand and employ techniques:
- of business valuation;
- of investment appraisal;
- for managing firm's' financing needs, in the short, medium and long term;
- for managing firms' working capital;

as well as

- contextualise financial management within firms' business environments.

Skills for Your Professional Life (Transferable Skills)
- Develop knowledge and comprehension on issues affecting investment, financing, working capital management and business valuation.
- Contextualise the impact of the economic environment on financial management decisions.
- Apply the relevant theoretical knowledge in business practice especially financial management techniques to analyse business situations and cases.
- Synthesize and assess information while thinking critically when making decisions as a financial manager.