This application-driven course teaches the manager how to formulate and solve real-world problems concerned with decision making in modern management. Simulation is the main solution tool. The course demonstrates how to build simulation models, how to run simulations using simple Excel spreadsheets, and, to evaluate and interpret output results.

Course aims:
1 to introduce (and revise) basic mathematical notions essential to quantitative management;
2 to understand simulation modelling and how it can be used to effect in key areas of management such as inventory, queues and maintenance;
3 to understand how to submit a model, and run a simulation using spreadsheets and how to evaluate results from that model.

Learning outcomes:
At the end of the course students should be able to:
1 formulate decision problems arising in management;
2 build simulation models of such problems;
3 solve practical instances of such problems using spreadsheets;
4 analyse and evaluate simulation results prior to their use in decision making.