This module seeks to further develop students' critical understanding of the role of management accounting (MA) in organisational decision making and control. Particular emphasis will be given on the uses of MA information in facilitating planning, control and decision making by managers. This will include a critical reflection element through which the value of MA information systems in decision making process can be better understood.

This module will be set against a broader understanding of MA as a means of communication in organisation and a managerial tool that inevitably comes with a wide range of behavioural implications.

Learning Aims and Outcomes

By the end of this module, students will have developed their:
1. Understanding of the importance of cost information and costing systems for effective management of organisations within a competitive business environment;
2. Understanding of traditional and contemporary approaches to costing, planning, control and performance measurement in organisations; and
3. Critical understanding of a variety of issues concerning the use of management accounting information for planning, control and performance measurement.