This module is designed to develop a range of professional skills of students using a team project as the vehicle. Each student will work on a project within their team given a set of attributes that the project must contain.

The projects are based on typical industrial scenarios and incorporate the concepts of specifications, design, and implementation. Within the project, students will learn about sustainability, project and time management, design, legal issues, health and safety, data analysis and presentation, team reporting, company organisagtion, and self evaluation.

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Learning Outcomes
After completing this module, students will be expected to be able to:

1. Describe the processes involved in project management and produce a project management plan.
2. Use project management tools and techniques.
3. Explain and justify their team's finished product.
4. Report and reflect on their individual contribution to the team's effort.
5. Demonstrate an understanding of professional, legal and ethical issues that affect the work of professionals in their discipline.
6. Demonstrate the ability to research and use system development tools.
7. Produce a Curriculum Vitae, and cover letter.


The module consists of two parallel strands:

  • The major strand will consist of team project, which will be based on a simple but realistic development scenario chosen to maximise the students' experience within a collaborative group environment.
  • The project will be on a topic directly relevant to the students' degree course and will typically involve developing a product through the specification and design stages.
  • The second strand consists of a series of professional development lectures including topics such as project management, legal and ethical issues, accounting, entrepreneurship, communication skills (including change management), project-risk analysis and control, and careers guidance.