This module is aimed at exploring the possibilities and obstacles to achieving social justice within the UK criminal justice system.  The module explores multiple dimensions of the justice system that have consequences for social justice through a series of case studies that exemplify key theories related to social justice.  From the effects of COVID-19 on policing and the courts, to the role of activism in the contemporary justice system, the course aims to provide a contemporary lens through which students can grapple with the social effects of UK criminal justice policies.  Each week explores a different social justice related theory or theme, and draw upon a case study or example to demonstrate the significance of that theme.


The objective of this module is to expose students to key issues that emerge in the contemporary criminal justice system which pose challenges to the achievement of justice, as well as the work of individuals and organizations who have resisted and challenged pre-existing frameworks related to justice.  The module is also aimed at exposing students to the breadth of professional engagement in UK criminal justice systems, in order to think through the ways that they can envision a career in criminal justice.


At the end of this course students will be able to:

·      Apply key theories to criminal justice policy issues in the contemporary UK justice system.

·      Reflect on ethical dilemmas and issues in the contemporary justice system.

·      Engage in a theoretically-informed analysis of the social justice effects of UK criminal justice policies.